To the Editor:--The Internet, once the domain of the military and research scientists, is becoming a useful resource for the anesthesia community. The ease of use and richness of information within the World Wide Web is quickly making it the most popular area of the Internet.

Anesthesia Case Conferences, held within virtually every academic center in the United States, is a place where anesthesiologists gather to discuss patient management issues. Unusual cases are presented and discussed by the group. In the past, access to these discussions was limited to the hospital of occurrence. Access by the private practitioner was almost nonexistent.

The Penn State Anesthesia Electronic Case Conference combines World Wide Web technology with the traditional case discussion format. Access to the case and the ability to comment is extended globally over the Internet. Academic and private anesthesiologists may participate and benefit from the case discussion forum. Pertinent comments will be amended to each case as they are received. A new case will be presented each month.

Individuals are invited to submit cases to the authors for inclusion in the forum. Those submitting cases will remain anonymous if they prefer.

The Penn State Anesthesia Electronic Case Conference is located within the educational area of the Penn State Anesthesia Home Page on the World Wide Web ( On arrival at the Penn State Anesthesia Home Page, click on eAnesthesia to gain access to the case conference.

Internet-based resources such as eAnesthesia allow the anesthesia community to pool its knowledge on a global level.

Jeffrey M. Taekman, M.D., Neuroanesthesia Fellow and Instructor.

Charles P. Kingsley, M.D., Associate Professor.

Kirk H. Shelley, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor.

Steven Mentzer, Senior Research Programmer, Simulation Development and Cognitive Science Laboratory, Department of Anesthesia, Penn State University College of Medicine, 500 University Drive, Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033.

(Accepted for publication July 24, 1995.).