A modern-day adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s “Tommy” through the eyes of an anesthesiologist in the COVID-19 pandemic.

I sought a post in ICU, as qualified as he,

They gave a pulmonologist the role, and hadn’t one for me;

They sent me to the OR, to round in PACU too,

But when it comes to COVID, Lord, they call up you-know-who.

It’s Anesthesia this and Anesthesia that, and “Please do hurry too!”

But it’s “Where is anesthesia?” when COVID’s on the rise

COVID’s on the rise, my friends, COVID’s on the rise,

O it’s “Where is Anesthesia?” when the COVID’s on the rise.

We aren’t a bunch of heroes nor aren’t no laggards too,

We’re expert trained physicians, just the same as you;

The hospital wasn’t built for us and we don’t make the “rain”

But we keep the patients safe and sound; we’re here for more than pain.

While it’s Anesthesia this, and “Go do that,” and “Start on time,”

But it’s “Please just cover the ICU,” when the COVID is on the rise.

The COVID’s on the rise, my friends, the COVID’s on the rise.

O it’s “Please go cover the ICU” when the COVID’s on the rise.

You talk of better pay for us, and schedules, and we’re all ears,

We’ll wait for it to come our way, just treat us as your peers.

Don’t talk about your next year’s plan, we judge you by your acts:

We’re short the staff and resources; you budget off our backs.

For it’s Anesthesia this and Anesthesia that, too late, too slow and weak

But it’s “Essential for the ICU” when COVID starts to peak;

And it’s Anesthesia this, and Anesthesia that, for anything you please;

But we ain’t the fools you take us for; you know that Anesthesia sees!