Day in, day out, the mask goes over my face, nose, and mouth

Not since I was a teen have I had to use acne wash

Pain everywhere, especially behind my ears and the bridge of my nose

My roots are gray and the ends are scraggly

Who will see, who will care?

Time is precious in a way never before but meaningless

The list is never ending of the things to get done

One item comes off and another immediately added on

From the badge swipe into the operating room till the badge swipe out in the parking garage,

I count and measure the time with each minute

But the day is a blur

I cannot tell you if it was a good day or a bad day

Just a day, another day

A lonely life surrounded by many but alone with my swirling thoughts and worries

One hundred texts from home—we are out of milk, we need bread, when are you coming

Thank goodness for delivery service, one flick of my finger on my phone and done

I wish everything was that easy

There is the faculty Zoom meeting—I plan to multi-task while watching soccer practice

Will they remember if I was present at either place?

Do what you can when you can

When does this happen?

Survey after survey

Are you well?

No and no, and not at all

But what is the solution besides being quiet

Who has time to contest when each day is a battle

To be fought not to be lost but never won

Of work, home, wash, rinse, repeat

When was science so reviled?

When did fact become lie and the hero now the villain?

A bad doctor, mother, wife, daughter, sister

Not one role a success

I was forced to attend this macabre dance

Had no choice or will

Which seems to go on and on

Please give me the strength to survive one more dance

Of the forever pandemic