Intraoperative hypotension has been associated with postoperative morbidity and early mortality, but postoperative hypotension has been studied less. In this issue of Anesthesiology, Liem et al. examine postoperative hypotension and its association with myocardial injury. In an accompanying editorial, Le Manach et al. provide perspective on the study design and discuss clinical implications for intraoperative and postoperative management of hypotension. Cover Illustration: S. M. Jarret, M.F.A., C.M.I. Cover Photo: J. P. Rathmell.

  • Liem et al.: Postoperative Hypotension after Noncardiac Surgery and the Association with Myocardial Injury, p. 510

  • Le Manach et al.: Of Railroads and Roller Coasters: Considerations for Perioperative Blood Pressure Management? p. 489