Blood glucose should be monitored periodically intraoperatively in diabetic patients receiving insulin. In this issue of Anesthesiology, Ehrenfeld et al. describe the use of an automatic system to identify diabetic patients, detect insulin administration, check for recent glucose measurement, and remind clinicians to check intraoperative glucose. They observed improved glucose monitoring, increased insulin administration, reduced recovery room hyperglycemia, and fewer surgical site infections after implementation of this automated alert. In an accompanying Editorial View, Simpao et al. discuss technology, digital quality improvement, and the care redesign process. This original research article was originally presented as part of the 2015 Anesthesiology Journal Symposium: The Anesthesiologist and Healthcare Redesign.

  • Ehrenfeld et al.: A Perioperative Systems Design to Improve Intraoperative Glucose Monitoring Is Associated with a Reduction in Surgical Site Infections in a Diabetic Patient Population, p. 431

  • Simpao et al.: Should We Fear Computers or the Lack of Them? Technology, Digital Quality Improvement, and the Care Redesign Process, p. 369