This lithe arm swung the hammer that forged my home

Old Doctor Sawbones did visit my tent last night

These mighty legs gave force as I plowed the loam

I lay dying in the embers of Shiloh’s fight

This addled arm raised cotton as his Lord

As I fade in to the black of ether’s sleep

These youthful legs drawn by Dixie’s tune to war

I pray for my arms and legs to keep

This hating arm laid lashes to the Negro’s welt

My limb lays lifeless as the ground grows colder

These legs before a weeping God have knelt

Blood tainted cotton to allay my shoulder

This soft and pious arm did hold my child

Once a master and Lincoln’s bane

These tired legs grow weary with the passing miles

I lay shattered and humbled by phantom pain

This angry arm bore the weapons of strife

In this land my father is buried and did toil

These bleeding legs have no hunger for life

On thanatopsis, our limbs shall return as Free soil