Call nights stretch forever,

Slinkies of the soul.

But before blue skies come,

There will be

Missed heartbeats,

Bullets to the head,

Strangled bowels and


After work I will drink

In morning sun and wine.

Drink till my lips are purple.

Drink till I exhale,

And crawl under eider down.

The windows and I dream

To feel that cool breeze

I still remember

When I sat by the river.

I am too young, though not for long,

To be this weary.

The nights are endless.

The days are bountiful,

Beyond measure

Beyond the far away ocean I visited as a child.

And I know,

The living always win,

A death rattle fills a room,

And we two my dear,

Swim in this quiet life.

Till we are swallowed whole,

Or chewed to pieces.

Lost, forever,

To the wind and the water.

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