The Editor-in-Chief and the Mind to Mind editor are pleased to announce the winner of our first annual creative writing competition:

Jane Blanchard


Ms. Blanchard’s work is published in this issue of Anesthesiology.

Additionally, there were eleven other finalists whose writing will appear in future issues of Anesthesiology. These finalists and the titles of their poems are:

Katie Brunero “And Before That”

Andrew Chenevert “Hospital Waiting Room”

Lynne Ellis “On Coming Back”

Uche Ogbuji “Ogbúnàbàli and Hypnos, 1949”

Audrey Shafer “Your Anesthesiologist Self”

Maxine Susman “Vanishing Point”

Nancy Nowak “Labrys”

Beverly Greenspan “Recovery Room”

Kate Walker “Liquid Lightness”

Jo Dereske “KW”

Karen Holmes “To My Mother in Surgery”