This month we highlight the history of the specialty, focusing on the failed attempt to create an historical museum-library in Australia, but the success of the Wood Library and its recent move to a spectacular facility open to all anesthesiologists. The pen and ink image shows the historical Massachusetts General Hospital, and this month includes several articles from the Harvard Medical System (designated in the table of contents with an “H”) submitted specifically for this issue that demonstrate the ongoing legacy of research in these institutions.

  • Bause et al.: From Park Ridge to Schaumburg to the World Wide Web: The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology, p. 1135

  • Schwartz and Schroeder: Be Able, Available, and Especially Affable if You Want Team Success, p. 1139

  • Forman et al.: Research at the Harvard Anesthesia Departments, p. 1141

  • Edwards and Waisel: 49 Mathoura Road: Geoffrey Kaye’s Letters to Paul M. Wood, 1939–1955, p. 1150