We very much thank Zaouter et al. for their interest in our research, “Pressure Support versus Spontaneous Ventilation during Anesthetic Emergence—Effect on Postoperative Atelectasis: A Randomized Controlled Trial.”

The main questions of Zaouter et al. were why we defined atelectasis only when there were signs of atelectasis in three or more lung sections and why we used a modified scoring system to evaluate atelectasis severity. For the first question, as the authors noted, there is no established definition of atelectasis diagnosed by ultrasonography. We thought that at least 25% (3 of 12 sections) of lung areas should show signs of atelectasis to be a clinically significant atelectasis because almost all patients showed an atelectasis sign in at least one lung section. We admit that 25% of lung sections is arbitrary, but this threshold was determined before conducting the study.

For their second question, we thought that an atelectasis...

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