Clinical prediction models in anesthesia and surgery research have many clinical applications including preoperative risk stratification with implications for clinical utility in decision-making, resource utilization, and costs. It is imperative that predictive algorithms and multivariable models are validated in a suitable and comprehensive way in order to establish the robustness of the model in terms of accuracy, predictive ability, reliability, and generalizability. The purpose of this article is to educate anesthesia researchers at an introductory level on important statistical concepts involved with development and validation of multivariable prediction models for a binary outcome. Methods covered include assessments of discrimination and calibration through internal and external validation. An anesthesia research publication is examined to illustrate the process and presentation of multivariable prediction model development and validation for a binary outcome. Properly assessing the statistical and clinical validity of a multivariable prediction model is essential for reassuring the generalizability and reproducibility of the published tool.

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